Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Take an idea and run with it! That's pretty much how we've ended up with  A week or so ago Richard had the bright idea of using the technology that we've developed for Present.Me to create a charitable video Christmas card to launch in time for the Christmas card rush.

My initial reaction was 'It can't be done. There's not enough time to design and implement it, and it will be a big distraction from the day job which is about finishing Present.Me ready for launch.' This evolved into 'OK, well we can probably build it, but we won't have any time to test it or move it onto a platform that can handle the potential volume'. Somehow (and I really don't know how) I was persuaded to give it a try, and a week later, thanks to Simon's huge efforts we now have a working version.

Richard has very kindly offered to donate $0.10 for every card sent before christmas up to $25,000 which is the amount needed to build an orphanage in Haiti. I guess that's the real incentive to make this thing work. So am I nervous? Yes I am! It's a great idea and I think it's really easy to use, so it could catch on. We still have some unanswered questions about the platform and if it can handle the potential volume, but hopefully as it's a charitable offering, people will be forgiving if it falls over. If only we had another week!

So, if you want to send a christmas message in a fun and new way go to and get recording! Every card counts.

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